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+3 Armour

Ugh.  There's a lot of junk out there, pretending to be armour, and it irritates me. I get it.  It's easy to make, because the materials are cheap and readily available, they don't have to be shaped much, you don't have to think about them, they're not so hideous that you don't fit in with your clan, and you can go off to fight and have a good time.  There is legitimate value to all of those things.  Not everyone wants to do better, but I think we can, without a ton of work, and we should.  Here's why.

Are we doing medieval things?  I believe we should make some real effort to. We should read about how they did things and look at images of medieval people and artifacts to figure out what they truly looked like.  If we don't start with those, we're recreating our own fantasy of what the middle ages were.  That's OK, there are LARPs and cons where that's lauded, and lots of people love it.

Do you get hurt?  Bruises are part of any combat sport…

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