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Moar greaves!

I'm going to a neat 15th century Burgundian feast in November, and I want to look spiffy.  It feels like a good excuse to up my game, making some new greaves.  The last set I made was pretty good, but there was definitely room left for improvement.  I go into more detail in their construction here.  Since then I've changed the way I do a few things.  Mainly:
1. I'm using oxy-propane with a gas saver and a rosebud tip.  It's cheaper to run, and the light isn't as bright, so I don't have to hamper myself with dark tinted goggles.
2. I'm using a different stake (made by Robert Dietman) to do my shaping on.  I still planish on the same bracelet mandrel.
3. I've soaked my brain in 154 pins of 14th and 15th century leg armour and a greave class by Eric Dube.  This is mostly a good thing, though the collection is just eclectic enough that it's blurred my focus a bit.  Side note- go to The Forging.  Totally worth it.  If you're seeing this early enough,…

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