The Forging trip

In November I went to The Forging, which was organized by some of the guys on the United League of Armourers group on Facebook.  John Gruber hosted it at his shop in Asheville, North Carolina.  I took a body casting class with David Haliburton, which showed how to use quick fiberglass casts to get a better model for customers.
He did a great class on finishing techniques, which covered hammer finishing, hot planishing, and a range of polishing and grinding tricks.
  John Meyer taught a class I really enjoyed on making the center mount bascinet hinges.
Eric Dube walked us through grieves, and built a breastplate.  You can also see him using a power hammer that Travis Blankenbaker made (and taught a class on.)

Wade Allen brought out his antiquities, which I'd seen at the Texas hammer in years ago.  He sculpted this greave cold.  No idea how or why exactly he didn't use heat, but it's excellent work.
I love how narrow the ankle is, and how pronounced the asymmetry of the muscle is.
  I've started using some of the things I learned there.  I got a new gas saver, and switched from using oxy-acetylene for hot work to oxy-propane, which allows me to ditch the dark shade glasses.  I assembled all the components and Scot helped me build my first fiberglass body mold, so I can make far better fitting body armour now.  I just need to finish up the great bascinet, and fix the arms I was working on...


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