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Right arm done

Sword and buckler class

You're Fired!

Planning an Austin armour gathering

Armour In

Real arm progress

Open armour shop

Minor progress

Left strapped and ready to rock

Left ready to fire


Glacial pace continues


Exceeding arm goals

Arm progress

New goals

Rock, paper scissors

Post war blahs

More heat treating and prepping for Gulf War


I love my forge

Vambrace progress and music stands

Successful field test

Improved articulation and a neat discovery

Dying and articulation

Progress and frustration

Warped that bastard AGAIN!


Warping and reeds

New tool

Friday update

Torn wheels

Heat treating, and spaulder work with Max

The three riders of the bad time: Warpage, sloth and distraction

Shop pictures


Changing directions

Visit from Max

Goals how to:

New Year's resolutions