Post war blahs

Gulf War was a lot of fun. I commanded a charge in to the castle, where we took the sally port and forced Trimaris to commit their reserves to pushing us out. I got to kill a lot of folks in the open field battle too, at least in the one permutation where our tactics made sense. They opened the field battle with an mounted combat, which was cool. I got to jam with a fellow named Joachim, from Stargate, who's a very good vielle player. I really should get him and Stephanie together.

So I've been in kind on armouring blah since the war. Partly it's because I've been working pretty hard, and I'm still getting caught up on sleep. A lot of it though, is from lack of goals. I have some spaulders partly done for Martel in exchange for some scabbards. Neither of us seems to have a lot of pressure going on to get those projects done though. I have the cops dished, and we have a ton of lames just laying around the shop which I could use.

Duke Kein is starting up a practice on Thursdays which I'd like to go to, so that means we have to move armouring to another night, or not having it quite as regularly. That could be a very good thing for balancing my life a bit better, since I was getting to have just too many things in a week. With the extra practice I'll still get to see folks about as often though, so that will be good.

So what are my goals? Finishing my arms. Getting the spaulders done for Martel. Making a new glaive, and a new spear. I wish I were more passionate about these.


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