More heat treating and prepping for Gulf War

Max came over on Saturday and we heat treated another pile of stuff. We did a bunch of gauntlets, a rapier hilt, some splints, and some other random pieces. It was fun, though it might have gone a bit better if we hadn't started late. I played more with my arm harness, getting the vambrace pieces flared fairly well. I got to use the new stool/stand thing for the first time on it, and liked it very much.

So the arms won't be ready for Gulf War. I'd rather have them done right than rush them.

I found a great book yesterday at The Book People. It's a manuscript given to Phillip the Bold as a new years day present in 1403 which has a little armour, something that can be used as a music stand, a shawm-like instrument, some great chairs, and a guy making armour. I was thinking it would be worth buying if it was $25 or so, but it only cost $10. Happy day.


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