Torn wheels

I heat treated one of the greaves and annealed the other, since it was refusing to conform to my artistic vision. The heat treat went well, and putting it ankle end up in the forge seemed to help a lot. After tempering I started sanding. The sanding disc is getting jumpy for some reason, so I did a bunch with the brown 3M wheel. It worked pretty well until I caught an edge. It might have been easier to do since the backing plate got cracked last Thursday. Anyway, the wheel got torn, and I promptly threw it out. It hurt my inner cheapness to do so, but it's for the best. Good thing the new wheels are on their way.
I'm still really considering moving over to a decent belt sander. It just seems safer and more cost effective. I love the 3M wheels, even though they hurt me so.

3M Sanding Discs

Backing Plates


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