Last night went pretty well. Uther got the helm he's been working on cleaned up. the center line needed a little work and there was a black coating that needed to be stripped off. Everyone seems to like the 3M wheels we've been using. I'm a little disgruntled with them since one led to the gash in my finger which is surprsingly painful today. Ok, it was the 3M wheel and my poor judgment and cheapness that really did it. The sucker aches and I seen to bump it on all kinds of random stuff.
Giotto continued to work on his spaulders until one got extremely thin in one spot. It was heating up in an instant when the grinding wheel hit it. So he cut out a new one, dished it and planished it in a tiny fraction of the time it took him when he made the last one.
Uther very kindly gave Ty the knees he was working on several months ago. They're soup can knees, and exactly what I was intending to outfit Ty with. One was essentially done, and the other was roughed out. Ty finished the dishing and planishing, flared the edges, we punched some articulation holes, and tossed them in the forge. They turned out pretty nice. We made some leather lames to articulate on and a pattern for the cuisses. The demigreave should be simple. Then there's some strapping to do. We'll probably have to spend a bit more time on them together before the tiny tourney on Tuesday.
Barnet wasn't feeling well enough to make it out. His shoulder surgery is today.
Giotto and Barnet seem pretty gung-ho about the arm project. I really need to make some progress on the pattern and pound out a prototype.


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