Shop pictures

I got a lot of cleaning done today. This shot just proves that I can have the work bench cleared off. It's possible, and might even happen again. The little hammer rack is on the wall behind the bench. The steel scrap pile is to the right. The buffer is on the left end of the bench.

I mounted the big power hub under the bench so it, and all the cords don't take up bench space. I also made a little post for all the grinding wheels. In the process I took a chunk out of my left index finger (not pictured). Check out the pretty poster I picked up at Churburg.

Here's where the magic happens. Well, mostly just the pounding part of the magic.

Master Iolo gave me that chunk of I-beam. It's already been pretty useful. Iolo and Sir Lyonel gave me some of the stumps you can see. I still need to de-wobble them a bit more. You can see one of the new red welding gloves on the floor to replace the ones I melted around my hand last year, and the tongs I made. Next to the tool chest are the roller blades I should use more often.
Ok, here's kind of an action shot. I've been slowly working on these greaves for quite a while, and not shown any results here. One greave seemed to work out OK after planishing, so I wanted to heat treat it. The other needed annealing, so they both went into the forge:

I took the one which needed heat treating out, and plunged it into the bath too fast, warping it. I think it was mostly the resistance of the water which bent the ankle bits. After fixing that screw up I'm going to try putting them into the forge and the water the other way up, so the thicker area hits the water first. It should be able to hold its shape better than the spindly ankle parts.
Note that the Kaowool needs more support, more ITC100, and more Satanite. Also check out the ghetto style slack tub. Yeah, that big plastic tuff tub is full of water for quenching. Most of what I quench is so thin that it cools down to water temp before it can touch plastic.


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