New Year's resolutions

I didn't quite hit my resolution from last year to loose 30 pounds between me and my armour. I lost 14lbs, at least according to the scale at my in-laws, and since that's the most optimistic, that's the one I presently choose to believe. I've cut the weight in half for my body harness and legs, but still have to weigh it all and see how much that really is. I'm guessing the it adds up to about 10lbs, so I didn't fall too far short, and I'm happy that I made progress.

So for this year, there are a ton of things I'd like to accomplish. They fall into three categories.
A. Make stuff. B. Improve relationships with others C. Improve my financial well being

1. Finish the greaves
2. New arms in 4130. This will rid me of the last pieces of plastic in my kit (besides my cup). I might even be able to lighten the arms a touch.
3. Make sabatons. I'm not sure how high a priority I'm going to put on these. They'd be super cool to have, but I'll probably only wear then in pas d'armes.
4. Make a helm with better vision. Right now I'm thinking that will be a King Renee style great bascinet. I'm concerned about its mobility, and really they're a freakishly rare style in the SCA, so I'm not sure how well it will work. I'm hoping to work a bit with Max on this one.
5. Make 100 reeds. If there's one thing I suck at as far as instrument making goes, it's making reeds, and I figure if I can make a hundred of them, I'll get a lot better. That should mean that by the end of the year I'll also have a good usable design for an instrument I want to play. At this point I think it will be a loud cornamuse. My aunt Mary got me a great kit for making early double reeds, so there's no tool hurdle, just a steep learning curve.
6. Make new gauntlets. My gaunlets are pretty protective, but quite heavy, and don't match the time period of my harness.
7. Get a couple new surcoats and start using my heraldry in more places. With all the steel I wear, I do this quite badly. I think it has some impact on my reknown running around in a torn, non-descript tunic, and not using my device on the armour archive.
8. Organize the garage better.
9. I have a few pipe dreams- to make a new hurdy gurdy, make a pipe organ, make a bunch of Medieval furniture.
10. Cast some dice for Pat.
11. Buy a rental house. It's totally non-armouring, and its low place on my list (past the pipe dreams) probably indicates my slackitude and poor prioritization.
12. Improve my marriage. This is pretty amorphous, and probably deserves its own post, though I'm a little hesitant about putting it out here, it's important enough to take that risk.
13. There are a couple guys I'd like to squire. I need to fight more to be more worthy of that, though frankly, they do too.
14. Complete the 30lb quest from last year.


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