Friday update

So last night was the regular Thursday evening armour session. It was kind of weird. People either ran out of things to do or gumption to do things. Ty wanted to use his buckles to strap his legs. Colin did the final adjustment on his armour and didn't have anything else he really needed to do in my shop. Barnet's shoulder is still in the early stages of mending.
I'm thinking we need two things to get stuff rolling again in the shop. 1. Deadlines. 2. A new project. I still have the greaves to finish up, but arms are the next big thing to tackle. Once I get the pattern ironed out everyone else can jump on those. As far as deadlines, Gulf Wars doesn't seem to be motivating the other guys. Barnet's probably not going, and I'm not sure what Ty's feeling about it. I'd like to go, but haven't discussed it with my wife yet. It's in a tough time for work, but I could probably do a long weekend. Anyway, maybe sponsoring a tiny tourney would do the trick.

We tried glueing up Ty's new birch shield with liquid nails. That stuff just didn't stick. It was starting to harden as Ty was spreading it on, but after it sat, pressed down by every decent weight we could find in the shop for like 45 minutes it came apart like we'd tried to glue it together with butter. We're really doing a flat shield for him anyway, so we'll probably start over with 1/2 inch stock next time.

My new and very thick rattan arrived, and I turned a new dagger out of it on the lathe. It looks pretty cool. It's hard to get a smooth surface out of the rattan, even after sanding. It's just so fibrous and "voidy." I'll probably make a few, and maybe try wrapping the handle in leather. I'd like to make a scabbard for it too, and pretty it up a bit with some metal work.


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