Visit from Max

Max came up Saturday night. He'd had a leg harness twist badly during the commercial heat treating and wanted to use the forge to anneal it. We threw that and some spangen parts in the forge to anneal. Meanwhile we spent a bunch of time looking at pictures of various shoulder armour. He had some suggestions about matching the proportions of the originals better. Oddly, his recommendations made the final pattern look a lot like the pattern I was playing with 5 years ago. We might want to mount the spaulders a bit higher than I was earlier, and make the bottom edge of the cop a bit more of a smiliey face. He took a copy of my pattern home to play with, which was pretty cool.
He turned me on to some good stuff on ebay. Most notably this guy:
Who has a good stake plate going fairly cheaply.
Max also brought a nice loaf of sourdough which he baked. Zoe's been really digging it.
While I was cleaning up some spaulders as a Christmas present for Barnet I got cheap, and started using the old chewed up 3M wheel. It worked fine on the cop, but managed to catch an edge pretty badly on a lame. The lame spun out of my left hand, leaving a deep paper cut kind of slice, and winged into the big knuckle on the middle finger of my right hand. It sliced and smashed the vein (artery? juice tube?) that runs over the knuckle and left an inch long cut which bled like crazy. There were big dollops of blood all over. It's already healing up pretty well, but I'm not sure how much fighting I can do with it.
Moral of the story: don't use tattered wheels. And maybe, just don't be so cheap in general.


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