Changing directions

We got Ty in armour last night and he was able to fight a little! He'd finished the padding and chin strap we started last Thursday, made some leather body armour and vambraces. We duct taped some old knee cops I had laying around to his elbows. Have I mentioned he's a big guy? He went without leg armour and only fought me. So his mom, Sharon requested we make some leg armour for him this Thursday. Caladin had a suggestion for some very simple knees based on a Japanese design that I'd never seen before. It doesn't require dishing, just curling, but the articulation sounds a touch tricky, and potentially sloppy. I might play with it at some point, but since I'd be learning so much in the process I'll probably pound out some soup can knees for him.
I did want to get rolling on the arm harnesses this week though. Well, he's having a wonderful time, putting in a lot of work and I'm enjoying helping him, so he becomes a higher priority.
I had an idea about the arm harness. Instead of doing a straight up Churburg harness, I might do something more like the Black Prince's arms.

I wish I had dug this shot up earlier for my chat with Max and the spaulder research. Anyway, I'm thinking of doing some decoration on the wing like his has. I'm assuming it's embossed, but it's hard to be sure. I'd like to emboss my crescent and gryphon on my right arm, and the ICOD and Ansteorran stars on my left.


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