Open armour shop

Monday night Ysfael cut out the metal for his new legs. He got most of the way through them before I realzied that I hadn't readjusted the shears for thinner metal, so the edges took a bit more clean up than I wanted. The belt sander worked well on the parts I attacked.
Master Jovian and I puttered around with the lion spaulders some more. The resolution I'm getting out of them is still pretty limited. Getting the proportions right is tough. Some of my frustration is from seeing a 16th century helm with INSANE detail in it. It had a lion head that was maybe the size of a nickel. It was so detailed that, if you personally knew a few lions you'd probably recognize which one it was. The whole thing just made me feel monstrously unworthy.
So how to fix this... Getting a bunch of lead to melt into the spaulder. Getting some rods to form into tools. Practice, practice, practice.
I'd really love to get good at repousee. There are just so many amazing things you can do with it which extremely few armourers are doing, and the 4130 I've been playing with lends itself to well.
Illaria (Ty's mom) is interested in getting into seige artillery stuff and needs a helm, which has gotten me thinking of doing a kettle. I don't want to weld, so I'm thinking of doing a repousee face plate. It just feels like it would be a really fun project, and I'd learn a lot. I just need a new die to make a good helm, and it would be good for breastplates too...


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