Minor progress

I'm kind of stalled on the arms again. I showed the left arm to Max, and he gave it some thought and careful examination. He made a point which is valid about the proportions being off- the upper and lower parts of the vambrace aren't balanced well, which is a lot of why it doesn't close quite right. I made some changes to the pattern and went over to Max's new shop where we pounded out an outer vambrace. It went pretty well, but seemed to be more work than Max expected.
There are some changes I'd like to make to the lame pattern for the next arm. They're scissoring a bit still. The elbow is decent at least.
Barnet and I got a bunch done on the loaner gear last night. The arm harness and helmet are fixed up, and the legs are mostly done. It ended up taking a lot of time, but hopefully the stuff will get used.
Oh- I won a tiny tournament last Tuesday. Uther organized it as a shieldess 10x10 Trimaran bear pit. You got a point for each victory, so it was a bit of an endurance thing. I'd been working out a bit before hand which helped quite a lot. I had some memorable fights- one where I got in a one shot thrust to Duke Hoegaarden to the face. The guy's normally a ninja so we were both suprised. He got me later, but our armour got tangled up pretty badly, so it wasn't as satisfying a win as either of us wanted. I butt spiked one of the newer guys to the face. It was kind of a hard hit, though I think he was trying to dodge out of it too. It made this weird slow-mo Matrix style image which was pretty cool, and more importantly the guy was OK. Barnet knocked me out of the ring once. I was proud of his tactical savvy.
Probably the most memorable bout was with Sam, who's fought maybe 3 times total. Because he was so new he was allowed to use a shield, and he was using Giotto's. It was suprising how hard it was to kill him with a glaive. We fought until the 30 second time limit. It really underscored a couple things- 1. Those 2ft by 3ft shields give a crazy advantage particularly against a pole. 2. I need to come up with a few ways to counter that advantage.
I put together a squire's belt for Barnet. I'm happy with the buckle and the buckle plate. I just used a Tandy buckle, and filed and polished it so it's design is like one in the London finds. I need to make a good strap end for it still, and I'm thinking of doing some wiggle work on it.


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