Exceeding arm goals

So the left arm is in pretty good shape. It needs the hinge added, the rerebrace attached, and the two halves of the vambrace attached. Their shapes are about right after some trimming, sanding and planishing.
The right arm is roughed out. The cop is dished, the vabmrace pieces and lames are curved. I still need to tulip the vambrace, which can be tricky, but with the pattern improvements the final result should be pretty good.
I made the hinge pattern, but unless I can find a thinner, longer nail for the hinge pin I'll need to make some adjustments.
I'd kind of like to get the left arm done, then focus on the right, so I'll have something done sooner. When I get stuck though, it's nice to have something easier to hop to- like dishing the cop. It's an odd form of productive procrastination.


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