New goals

I've lost some momentum with armouring and instrument making, and it kind of sucks. I've been fighting more than before, which has been great. Duke Kein started up a good practice on Thursday nights, and I've shut down the regular armour nights so I can go to it. It's taken some wind out of my sails armouring wise though. Of course now folks are bugging me more about getting together to armour. There's a Japanese helm I'd like to help out with. I know, I was suprised to be interested in Japanese stuff too, but it's pretty neat, and it's for a good guy.

I have a big steel order in the works. Going in together is saving us a bunch of cash collectively, but it's kind of a pain, since gathering the money together is tough. It's over a thousand dollars, so I'm not really keen on floating folks a loan.

Ok, so getting that momentum back- I need goals. Finish the arms before the end of the month. My shield glove is falling apart. Really it's not even legal right now, and it's hideous. It's a great place to start playing with finger gauntlets though. I'll need that before the Lysts at Castleton in May. I need to do a fitting for Martel on the spaulders. I tried to last night but she wasn't able to make it to practice. There's not a ton of work left in them, but finding the time to do it might be tough.
The arm goals have to be more specific.
Cut out the metal for the final rev tonight for both arms. That will mean some adjustments on the cuff pattern, but not much else. Go with the smaller lame, but maybe try it out in on the existing prototype.
Rough shaping on them should be done by the end of Sunday. I want to do repouse crescents on them too. Ooh, and ring the crescents with dove-tailing...
Tulipping and hinges need to be done by the end of Wednesday the 25th.
They can be fired and polished by the end of the day on the 29th.
It sounds agressive on paper, and it probably is, particularly since I'll also be putting together a class on the Cantigas de Santa Maria, taping out a chip, and helping Barnet, Reynard and Tarquyn with their gear at the same time.


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