Left strapped and ready to rock

I got the left arm harness done, strapped and ready to fight with. I took it to a pretty high finish. Shiney is good. It really looks much better that way. It took a suprising amount of tweaking after firing it. There were some hammer marks that were only obvious after some sanding, which meant some planishing. The parts of the cuffs don't come together quite as I'd like. With the pattern changes I did for the right arm that will be better. The slotted straps came out looking really nice, and I'm glad I chose the red dye.
I was dissapointed with the sander. It worked OK for getting out some of the hammer marks and shaping the edges, but I ened up resorting back to the 3M wheels of doom. They're just way faster and give a far better finish. It's a pitty they're so dangerous, expensive and painful to buy.


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