Improved articulation and a neat discovery

There's a rivet that's visible on the Black Prince's effigy just below his elbow on the vambrace. I wasn't particularly confident that it was necessary, or even a good idea before I put my own version together. It turns out that a slotted rivet in the lame it connects to works wonders in that exact place to eliminate issues with gapping and jamming. The theory I had in my last post proved to be true: lame has to be fairly flat to work. Because of this, the articulation to the vambrace and rerebrace has to work a little differently than the lame to cop articulation, and it really wants a rivet in the middle. Using that approach I probably got more bend out of the lame-rerebrace than the lame-cop joint. I'm still thinking the lame is too wide, but if it's shrunken to the point of almost disapearing then it becomes very pointy on the sides. It would be shaped kind of like an almond.

I died the belts with red dye again, this time dry. So it's just the same red dye on the fuscia belts. They didn't seem to want to take the new red. Fuscia kept seeping through, even repelling the darker red, and the leather soaked up dye like a sponge. It might just take a couple coats, though I'm curious what color they've dried to.


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