Vambrace progress and music stands

I cut out the inner vambrace in 0.025 4130, did the basic shaping, rolled the edge by the inner elbow (my red and black raising hammer worked better than I expected there), and tulipped it a bit (used the blue raising hammer and the little rounded back ball pein to planish). Then I cut the outer vambrace in 0.032, and gave it the basic shape.
I'm playing with the idea of doing a pair of posts to close the vambrace. Since the whole piece is spring anyway, it should work. Hopefully it will be stiff enough to not pop open when I don't want it to.
I've realized I've done fairly well on a number of my armouring goals, but not so well on the others.
I'm far behind on my reed making goal. I should have made 25 by now to be on target. So far I've made: one.
On my doing unexpected nice things for my wife goal I've probably averaged closer to 2 per week instead of 3. It seems to be improving things though.
I've read the landlording sight a bit, but not the book, and haven't looked at any places to buy.

Speaking of missing my goals, I've gotten turned on to a new distraction of making music stands. I'd like to have a nice Medieval music stand, and through some help from a fellow named Brent in Georgetown (whom I met on the Armour Archive) I have some images of 15th century stands. This one is from the BNF, which indicates it's 15th century. I don't know much about it beyond that:

This one is probably mid 15th century, by a Spanish artist, painting in a mostly Flemish style:

This is St. Jerome. He has a lecturn by him, which unlike the other examples wasn't explicitly used for music, but has a lot in common with the music stands. It has the bonus of looking more stable:


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