Warped that bastard AGAIN!

We had a pretty good group attend the Thursday night armouring session last night. Ty, Barnet, Sir Giotto, and David showed up. A few of us played in the cul-de-sac trying to iron out some defense for Ty's two sword style. David cut out and dished his first cops (OK, I dished one as a demo). They still need planishing, but are coming along well. Barnet showed off his new Topfhelm kit, and worked on his cops. His planishing is getting better all the time. Giotto continued work on his spaulders, though the belt sander (you know, the new one; the one that's like two weeks old) decided to crap the bed. There are a couple holes in it specifically designed for two Allen wrenches to fit into. So that's where I put them. On of them jiggled down inside the sander and jammed up the motor, causing one of the pulley gears to completely strip itself. That's the last time I follow Delta's stupid instructions... Anyway, Dave and Giotto helped tear the machine apart so we could figure out what's wrong, and I'll just have to order a new piece. Hopefully it costs less than a new sander.
We fired Giotto's spaulder cops, and that went pretty well. I fired my last greave, and warped it AGAIN! It wasn't so bad this time; just a little ripple on the side of the calf and one at the top of the foot from the tongs. There's also a slight twist to the piece now which I'm not wild about, but might be subtle enough to not cause any issues. I'm going to try fixing it up even in the hardened and tempered state. I had limited success doing that with the breastplate, so we'll see how it goes.
These greaves might go faster in a thicker metal, maybe 0.032. It would let me sand more, and they'd be less prone to warping. The shaping might be a bit tougher, but over all it might be a gain. Unless I sand a lot more, the final result would be 28% heavier in the thicker gauge, or about 4oz for each greave, assuming they're still both just the frontal greaves. It might be worth it.


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