I attended a good class on copper tooling at Candlemas and it got me more inspired to do repouse work on the Black Prince arm harness I've been kicking around. So I did a little practice piece of the crescent from my arms. It turned out pretty well, so I've started doing another on an actual cop. It looks good. Making it even and planishing are both tough. I've been modifying punches and nails to do some of it with varying sucess. My lead block is turning out to be pretty useful.
Barnet and I ground and dished a couple of the cops Tuesday night, and once one of them was in shape I compared it to the BP effigy. It wasn't so good. The proportions were off. So I modified the pattern and trimmed. Hopefully this version is closer to the orriginal. It's hard to know what the man's armour was really like in detail, since the effigy is cast and doesn't quite match the wrought version.


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