Progress and frustration

I was able to improve some of the warping on the greave, but not fix all of it. It's stiff enough that it resists fixing the twist that it gained from the quench, and there's a ripple in the calf that I can move, but not eliminate. There's a little distortion in the arch of the foot from the tongs that I was able to improve, but it's not perfect. This is the greave which had some scaring from when I had the raising hammer flipped the wrong way. To hide those scars I had to sand like crazy, so there are some very thin spots. I've had to be careful with sanding too far and over heating certain areas. I'm done with the brown and red wheels, and on to green, so it's in the final stretch.
The repouse work I was doing was going pretty well. I embossed a crescent from my arms and an erased sun from ICOD's in the fan of the elbow cop, then decided the sun needed to be a bit higher relief. That was a bad move. It was stretched too thin and cracked. For the larger goal of having good arms and a pattern the guys can use on Thursday I'm just ploughing ahead with an unembossed design for now. Getting the sun to work out right was tough. The Ansteorran star will probably be a bit easier, but those long thin spines both stars have are tough to planish. I'll have to make more custom stakes/punches for them.


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