Armour In

I went to the Armour In out at Krag's with Barnet, Aedinius and Master Jovian. We ended up going on Sunday, since there was a Peer Appreciation Tea I'd committed to playing at. The tea went well. The attendance at the Armour In wasn't what I'd hoped for, though that's partly because it was as Sunday. We had a good time though. Krag shot his cannon a couple times, and some guns. He gave me another tutorial on knife making and forge welding. He even gave me the billet we'd been pounding on, and a piece of 1084 and some wrought iron. I'd love to use the wrought iron in particular to make a knife based on the London finds. His trick for finding wrought iron is to scavenge old wagon wheels which are too chewed up for other collectors.

So to really do this right I should make a smaller knife/forge welding forge with a blower. Krag just uses a cheap hair dryer slipped into a tube at the back of his intake vent.

Oh, I won a little local A&S competition- well tied for first place. I entered one of my old benches, my rebec and a cornett. The other winning entry was a nice Turkish coat Catalina de Salamanca had made. It really looked great on her, and the fabric choice was very nice.

I'd like to enter some other A&S things in the next year. Steppes Artisan is a big draw, and I'll probably be helping Master Jovian a bit with his entries. We already started by hot raising a helm he wanted to do. I'd also like to do Laurel's Prize tourney. The whole path to getting a Laurel is more appealing to me these days, particularly since it's so tough to fight with Zoe in tow. But I do have to build up a greater body of work, get more visible, teach more, and figure out the game and the players. It should be a fun journey though.


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