My little site has been sadly lacking in images. I'm hoping to rectify that with the tiny pocket camera Stef bought me for Valentine's day. Here's a pic of me at the practice today in Fynon Gath:

Seeing it that way I'm a little self concious about the change in size between the demigreave and the greave, the flap of pants which is peeking out from behind my greave, and my boots. When I get the body harness squared away as I like I'll probably rebuild the legs, maybe in 410. The more I play with that design the more I want to change it. I've improved the lames a bit, but I think I'm good enough now to get rid of the top lame like I should and tighten up the demigreaves a lot.
I just wore the surcoat over my steel breastplate for the first time today, and it looked and worked pretty good; more like the illuminations and that sexy Burgundian St. George on the right of this page. I'm thinking I'd really like to just copy that piece, sabatons and all, but I'm a bit frustrated that my new pretty arms will be hidden. Maybe the Du Guesclin illuminations are really the route I should take...

Some pics of the arm harness I built, and which took its maiden voyage today (it did great!):

Note the nice deep point on the cop! I managed to tear the first one I tried like that since I was raising it like a monkey. I had to mount a ball stake on a piece of steel rod to planish that shape. It's a bit of work, but pretty fast, and quite fun.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out over all, though I'd like to get/make some better surfaces for planishing and a slack belt sander to improve the quality of the finish. It's shiny, but I think it would be more even with a nice even sanding instead of the Gator wheels I'm using. It might take it from a B to an A piece.


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