Goofy personal goals

So I have a little personal goal of getting some bigger guns. I'm also quite curious how much their size fluctuates for the purposes of fitting armour. So here's what I'm starting with as my arms largest circumferences: 13 5/8 right 13 1/4 left at the biggest spots, flexed as big as I can get them, but before a work out. Short term I want to grow those by half and inch. The size is goofy and meaningless, but I'll probably get some strength out of the attempt.

After a short workout, which was limited by my gimpy left thumb and the need to get to work this morning, they're measuring at 14 1/8 and 13 1/2.

4/7/9 update- I hit my short term goal with this of 14 5/8 and 13 3/4. The swelling from the blood in the muscle comes and goes fairly quickly so the size is sensitive to the timing of the measurement. The next goal is to have them at 14 5/8 and 13 3/4 at rest. Time to raise by blood pressure and get fat...


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