6/3/09 Open shop report

Don Maelgwyn got some work done on a brigandine.
Master Jovian and I cobbled together an extra bar for his helmet to close a gap a marshal was concerned about- this included stripping the zinc off the bar with muriatic acid, which was fun and toxic! Jovian's accuracy with the peining hammer was spot on.
Master Peter did some work on a cheek plate for a helm.
We hardened one of Peter's elbow cops, and annealed a neat gothic cop he's working on. He also showed off a nice new leg design he's working on which is applicable to the St. George I'm doing.
I got some buffing done on Isabella's knee cops and handled the forge. A lot of the evening was spent discussing classes Peter and I are teaching at King's College, and some of the underlying philosophies behind teaching, and figuring out what to cover.


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