Short term goals, long term goals

I really want my legs polished this weekend. The forge scale on the right leg has been a roaring pain despite soaking it in muriatic acid. The fumes it made rusted every piece of bare steel in about a quarter of my shop. I just don't like working with the stuff. I picked up more sanding stuff which hopefully will lead me to a more cost effective long term solution.
After getting them polished, there's brass and maile to mount, and documentation to take care of. I'd like to enter these in a competition this Saturday, which means I have to build a display for them too. I'm thinking of doing it like a mannequin with an armature inside. That alone is a fair bit of work.
I was asked to write an article on western martial arts for the new Knowne World Handbook, and I really need to get cracking on it. I'd like to get a rough draft done this weekend. Oh, and I'm in the middle of building an attic, and trying to be a decent dad.
Longer term, I started getting folks excited about making a proper King Renee style gallery for the site for Lysts. We might get some support from Richard Garriot on this, since it's his land. There's a ton to do on this- drawing up plans, figuring out exactly how we're paying for it, figuring out where it might live when/if we break it down, buying all the lumber, doing all the joining, and making all the fabric bits. There aren't any ladders or stairs in the original pictures, so we have to figure out that part too.


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