Lots of bits and pieces

Tonight I kegged 5 gallons of apple cider. It's clear and tasty:

I finished planishing, fired and tempered a cuisse to replace the one I mangled.
Just after firing. I'm glad I didn't make a lot of tough forge scale on this one, and the work went much faster than before.

After tempering:

We had a good open armour shop last night. Martel (foreground) did some forming and welding for her helm and got some rivets replaced on her gauntlets, Grayson (Al's son, center in black) did some research on what kind of kit he wants to do, Al made great progress on his vambraces, and Maelgwyn welded together the top of a loner helm.

Maelgwyn (shown welding below) brought some nice rolls and his grandmother's rhubarb jam. Stef brought out cookies. Between those and the beer I'm sure we consumed more calories than we burned.


That's it...if for some reason I ever have to move I'm moving to your neck of the woods. So I can come over and drink apple cider and bank on metal with cool people.
We'd love to have you. Come on down!

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