Two open shops and some leg progress

Last week was a fairly quiet night in the shop. Don Maelgwyn and Martel were able to get some work done on their helms; a crested spangen in Maelgwyn's case, and in Martel's it was installing vervelles in a new helm gifted by Sir Lyonel.
Martel maniacally displaying the bolt cutters she used to trim the vervelles and adding to the quiet fears many men have of lesbians:

This week though, the place was packed. Centurion Robert got some adjustments made to his helm to keep his chin safe:

Sir Ysfael started work to install a new avantail on his helm, Centurion Eleanor got another part of her helm patterned, cut out and formed, Master Jovian worked on his scales more and polished a hammer face for me, Martel finished up the vervelles on her helmet, Aedinius pounded out the bowl of his new center boss, and Lucas worked on his second greave and learned a bit about metal fatigue.

I've gotten a little done on my legs over the past week. The brass is almost all on, and the mail is almost completely attached:


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