Swage and grill

Picked up a new swage block which has some great shapes for vambraces and greaves (and a shovel die I may never use):
But these shapes will be helpful- some different curves of bowls, and a couple different spoon molds.
I spent a little time with a grinder cleaning up the edges and smoothing out the larger bowls. My sinus passages were magnetic for two days. Probably over sharing, but you get what you pay for here.

Tuesday night I fought really well, but my helmet was driving me crazy, shifting around so I could barely see. I guess the force was strong with me that night. Anyway, I've finally succumbed to the idea that using a grill, and maybe training hard, and trying to win bigger tourneys rather than just being pretty might be OK. So I'm working on this grill:
It clearly needs more bars, the welds need clean up, and it needs some curvature to mimic my dogface. I'm forming it flat so it's easy, then I'll heat the whole thing and put the bend in hot, and fix any welds that might break, though if I did everything right they should be fine. One neat note- the outline on the anvil- it's to help me match the curves of the outer frame. I got the idea from Lorelei Sim's book "The Backyard Blacksmith" which Stef picked up at Half Price Books. Simple idea, but it improves the final product. It's a great book over all, and has contributed to my itch to smith more stuff.


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