Open shop

We had a well attended open shop on Friday. Jovian, Hands, Diane, Doug (Hands' dad) and Jeanne-Marie came out. Jovian made some progress on his sabaton scales:
I had some cops laying around the shop which we finished up and made a new lame for. Hands wanted his legs and arms to match, so he trimmed the leg fans to match. Here he is marking them:
And cutting on the Beverly shears:

We cut some rattan to length and carved a handle for Jeanne-Marie's new sword. She helped clean the shop up before the other folks came over.

Diane's kit is intentionally mismatched. We pounded out a cop and some lames for her from scratch. We were just ironing out the articulation and ensuring everything fit here.
So over all we got a sword, some scales, a clean shop, and three cops formed, fired and tempered. Not bad for an evening's work!


Visigoth said…
Thats a prety cool comunity you got there, I wish one of the armorers around here would host an open shop night once in a wile.
Do you have a blog, Visigoth? If you have some space and a touch of expertise, you could host an open shop.
Visigoth said…
nah I dont have any thing to blog about...yet at least. I have the space and some tools but still working on the expertise part :D I'm getting to know the SCAdians in my area and a nice fello offered to open his shop to do some armoring, now its just about getting others who are intrested to join so we have a armoring comunity "for open shop night maby once every two weeks or so"

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