Attack of the metal pill bug!

I've been working on a new gauntlet design for a bit.  I'm shooting for something lighter than my present style, easy to build, and more in keeping with the lines of an hour glass cuff.  It's been through a few iterations of the pattern so far, but above you can see how it started out.

 I'm still not sure if I want to roll the edge of the cuff or not.  It makes it stronger, but I've been wearing an unrolled cuff for about a year with no issues.  Making the roll takes a while if you want it to be even.
 I'm cheating on the metacarpal plate's transition to the cuff.  Surviving gauntlets from the end of the 14th century had these as a single piece, but I'm doing it with an articulating piece in the middle.

Tonight I made a little pill bug.

It's just the finger bits of a new gauntlet design.  It's giving about 180 degrees of bend in the five lames, and it hyper extends a bit.  The originals were generally finger gauntlets, but I'm doing mittens for simplicity and safety.


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