Bascinet picture collection

Dmitry Nelson will not go thirsty in my presence due to his work on this project, which has pulled together a great number of pictures of bascinets.  Go check it out.


I think it's interesting how many of them seem to have a single center hinge setup instead of on the side, like you see in zillions of illustrations. People complain the klappvisor style is overrepresented in SCA combat but could it be they were more common?
Many of the illustrations we see have a deeper nose than mine, and they're really early 15th century designs, and frequently great bascinets. The shallower face gives you smaller blind spots, and has a less exposed snout to tag, so it plays better in our game. I had a duke try to unscrew my head by the point of my pig face once. It wasn't pleasant. To my mind the key distinction is the shape of the visor, rather than how it attaches to the helmet.
Amanda said…
Interesting, I'll keep that in mind.

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