Pictures of my rig

You're allowed to be self absorbed in a blog, right?  I've gathered a few pictures together to get a better feel for how my rig is coming along.  Above I'm on the right at Bjornsborg's Althing from over the weekend, fighting in a holmgang.  It's kind of a judicial duel.  I'm wearing the new gauntlets I'd made for my cousin Tegan (they didn't work out for him, so I brought them home).  The hourglass cuff is pretty decent, they're very light, and I'm generally liking them.  They could benefit from having one more lame, and I'd like to redo the wrist and the metacarpal plate on the next version.  I want to redo my legs and get a plaque belt.  Photo credit- Elisava Illiesca
  Below I'm about to bludgeon Murdock in The Deed at Gulf Wars.   My bardiche is normally straight rattan.  The water soaking method I used to get the curve in the blade weakened the rattan though.  I managed to break it on Duke Kein after only a few uses.  The deed was tons of fun, and deserves its own post.  In this I wore my sabatons and maile shirt.  Photo credit- Ursus of Anglesea

 This is sort of a weird shot.  It shows off my general's jupon.  The epaulets weren't my idea.  People stole my clothes and sewed them on, which is why I'm giving them that look.  Apparently, that's how my peeps show their love.  It does show off another of the jupons Clalibus made for me, and what I wear under them.  The breastplate is a spring steel globose with a rib stop based on the Churbug #14.  It needs a good polishing, and maybe replacement.  The arms are new ones I made.  Photo credit- Magdelena Cortez.


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