Upcoming classes and a sacbut vid

I've quietly working on a couple classes for King's College which is coming up in a couple weeks.  One is on a few simple songs.  My intent is to encourage more people to come out and make music.  There are a ton of people who used to play something in high school but just don't any more.  Some just lost interest, or are intimidated by the idea of playing in front of people.  Some need a formal setting like they're used to from their days in band.  Some are bothered by not playing an instrument that's perfect for the era.  So I want to break down some of those barriers. 

The second class is on the Hundred Years War, which I'll be covering as a great sweeping overview in just an hour.  It's tricky to boil down so much neat stuff into just the big picture.   I want to whet some appetites for people to learn more.

I've been expanding my collection of recordings on YouTube a little, and I started working on a new recording by building a baseline first.  So out came the sackbut.  I made a short video lecture on how I hacked it in the hopes that other folks will take the plunge.  Considering how expensive a lot of early instruments are, and how challenging they can be to buy, this is a reasonable investment for a very useful instrument.  So go check out my channel and the little lecture.  There's some fun stuff on there.  If you're not careful you might even learn something.


Sami Sulva said…
One could use historical-type mouthpiece with that. I think it makes difference...http://www.romerabrass.com/l3-sacabuche-tenor-en.html

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