New greaves, new gaunts

I've been in sort of a stealth mode lately, not updating much.  My big projects right now are improving my kit for The Deed at Gulf War an The Battle of the Nations this spring.  For both I want new cased greaves and gauntlets.
  I've been playing with an hourglass gauntlet mitten design for a bit that I generally like, but it needs refining.  Here's what it's looking like so far:

There's room for improvement in the thumb, and I need to make some better tooling for cleaning up the shapes of the fingers.  I found a decent gun bluing compound at WalMart of all places, and it's given me a color I like.  I built these in 4130 which allows me to weld the cuff, and take the bluing.
  I've been playing with the greaves a bit, doing a lot of hot work on them which has been a lot of fun.  I have a couple saddle stakes from Halberds that work well, and when I heat up just a small area I can get exactly the shape I'm looking for without deforming other areas which was as big problem with some of my earlier attempts.  This has let me get more extreme shapes with less effort.
So I've been able to get some great depth in the curve at the ankle.  I should continue it higher up the shin.  But it's sucking the lower point of the plate forward, which I'll have to compensate for in the pattern.


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