Fighting and arm progress

I've been having a blast fighting pole arm lately, partly because I've been having unusual sucess with it. All the effort, perseverence and exercise is paying off, and I'm becoming the sexy shoeless god of war I always wanted to be.

The arm harness progress has slowed a bit. I broke one of the hinges Wednesday night trying to use them to help shape the vambrace. Maybe I should do a quick hardenning on them before I continue, since there is a lot of stress on them. It's looking pretty good over all, but it needs a fair amount of work before I'm done, mostly in polishing. I really should use it in at least one practice before Gulf War.

Speaking of which, yes, I'm planning on going. I just have to square away a baby sitter for Zoe on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the deed of arms that Sir Cedric has been organizing, and I'll be doing some spiffifying of my kit to fit in better. I really need a new surcoat, better maile, fully cased greaves, sabatons, earlier period gauntlets, and better poleaxe. Maybe the first and last will happen.

I did make a bunch of progress on Rhy's gauntlets though. With just a little shaping they started snapping together like Legos. It was really cool to just be casually standing there chatting with folks and putting together such a complex thing while they watched. I was all impressed with my self.

My cider is turning out well, and seems easier to carbonate thanks to the new beer fridge. I cleaned out almost a gallon of my old River Horse clone to get keg space, and it had aged exceptionally well. It was yummy even at room temperature. It's a pitty I poured so much of it in the driveway.
Mental note- make a bigger helm to enclose my newly enlarged head.


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