Belated update

Some pics from the Deed of Arms at Gulf war:

I had a blast. I'll be sporting sabatons and more appropriate gauntlets for this next year. The sabatons are a inprogress now, with the right one just about ready for firing. I based them on the Chatres paterns Talbot published. He's missing a lame and they're a bit longer than they should be, so I'll be doing some alterations in the next version. In general they're pretty nice though.

I took a squire at Gulf War- Sextus Maximus, previously called Aedinius. He went six rounds in the Altantean squires tourney so I gave him a new name, and he seems to like it quite a bit. He's a good guy, quite tough, and was good company though the whole war and the road trip there and back.


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