Week old update

The shop was hopping last night. We had a new gal and her kids working on gorgets for rapier, Rhys was grinding up a storm on my vambrace form, Barnet was finishing up and firing his legs, Sextus polished his helm, Victor and his mom got some help fixing a broken strap on his demigauntlet, Avery planished his bazubands, I rolled some edges for him and worked a little on Rhys' gauntlets. It was hectic, but we got a fair amount done.

On Monday Barnet and Sextus came over to work on some things. Barnet and I did a bunch of forge scale grinding. The brown gator wheels seem to be working best for that and smoothing the surface. I got one of my sabatons done and started a second one, which is mostly formed. Sextus got some cuisses and wrap plates cut out and mostly formed.

Tonight's likely to be pretty busy. My armour's a mess- need to do a lot of tape clean up and polishing for this weekend. A number of new folks are interested in coming out though.

I kegged my cider last night, and it tasted pretty good. I'm hoping to bring it to Lysts this weekend. Zoe wants to camp, so I'm thinking of camping Friday and Saturday nights with her. It might be a lot of fun.


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