Fight practice

We had a great practice last night despite the cold. Kein, Eleanor, Ioannes, Ysfael a new guy named Miklos from Fynon Gath and I all fought until we couldn't feel our feet.

I made some progress attaching brass edging to my legs before realizing that the "solid brass" that I'd bought was only "solid brass" for a bout 1/64th of an inch, then some kind of zinc or nickel, and another thin sheet of brass stuck to the other side. So it's soft, and damaged irreparably if it's ever scratched or even polished agressively. Silver colored metal shines through. There should be a new (and unreasonably expensive) sheet of brass from McMaster-Car waiting for me when I get home.


What method are you using to do your etching? I was thinking about maybe adding some etched brass to my visor eventually and I've been looking around to see what's fairly easy.
Ferrochloric acid works pretty well for etching. You can buy it at Radio Shack. These days I prefer engraving, which is scratching away at the surface with a sharp, hard piece of steel. It takes a little longer and a little more skill, but it's more accurate.

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