Right leg done, Centurion event and open shop update

The Centurion event last weekend was a blast. Caladin (on the right in white and green) got knighted, we had some great classes, including this one on Fiore that Earl Brion taught (he stayed with us, and he, Aedinius and I had a nice chat Friday evening):
Photo credit: Laura Martin
Chiang and I taught a pole arm class:
Photo credit: Cyrus Mallison
I worked with Baroness Druinne of Elfsea on some pole techniques after the melees, which were a blast. We did a bunch of open field skirmishes with about 40 on a side, and a series of bridges. You can see one of them here (I'm in the center in the beautiful red jupon Clalibus made for me):

I commanded one of the sides, and had a great time doing it. I over used pulse charges a bit, which is kind of funny since I don't really like them a whole lot. I only over extended myself once and caught Duke Hoegaarden's spear in my chest, and our side won more than it lost. Rhoadd and the Bryn Gwlad War Company both did great jobs, as did all the folks filling in on reserves. I was particularly happy with our archers.

I screwed up two things which I'd like to apologize for. 1. I thought Cal's knighting was going to be later, so I was putting on my armour when the dubbing took place. I'm sorry I missed it. It wasn't intended as a message or anything, and I even brought out a keg of mead that night to help celebrate. 2. My timing sucked going home to get the keg too, and I missed court. I wanted to publicly acknowledge Haroun, for doing very well with archery, and standing stalwart in the shield wall on the bridge. She kept me out of the water and unbludgeoned multiple times, and managed to pulse, kill spearmen and get back in position multiple times. She got her talon that night for such actions, and deservedly so, but I'm bummed I didn't get to say something for her in a more public forum than this. I also missed out on speaking up for Artorious. He brought a poleax to the bridge battles. As much as I love the weapon it's hard to use it to the fullest in that scenario, so I encouraged him to fight fiercely and seek a worthy pace in Valhalla. He did exactly that, fighting like a man possessed. It was fantastic.

The evening festivities were outstanding. My clove and citrus mead was a hit, and I got to try some of Madog's braggot, which had an excellent warmth that made me smile. We chatted about brewing a bit, and hung out with Helena and Rachel. I chatted a bit with Eule, Shamino (aka Richard Garriot), and Ivar about a couple ideas for Lysts in April.

In the shop this week, Centurion Maelgwyn worked on his ridged spangen helm, getting the dimensions just right for the padding he wants:
John of Severn is polishing his helm up in the background. Master Jovian worked on some scale sabatons, and I commissioned more glass beads from his wife for ransoms. Speaking of glass, I'm taking a glass blowing class tomorrow which my wife got me for our anniversary. It should be lots of fun!
I finished the right leg of my St. George harness:

The brass work was more time consuming than I expected, but it turned out OK. Here you can see how I'm cheating on weight by riveting the chausse to the cuisse:


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