Great bascinet progress

There wasn't much of preamble to explain the helmet I'm working on, which I'll rectify here. It's based on the image below, which comes from a tournament book commissioned by King Renee. He was an interesting figure, much like the dukes of Burgundy in his support of the arts and approach to expanding his realm, but unfortunately at odds with them for much of his life.
The armour depicted in his 15th century manual for the ideal tournament is some of the earlier specialized sporting gear we have evidence of. Armour for war at this time had a similar form, but was less open to arrows and thrusts. Since much of what I do for fun is a form of tournament I don't feel bad about copying tournament gear of the day and getting a similar competitive advantage from the vision and air.
So far I have the skull formed, planished and welded, one of the back neck plates welded on and the second one tacked in place. There's still a fair amount of forming to do at the base of the skull and the neck which I might have to do hot. I might need an extra pair of hands to do it right.


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