Spear tiny tourney

I had a great time tonight, and I'd like to publicly thank Maelgwyn and his son Artorius for their roles in it. Our regular fight practice tonight was taken over by a two man spear tourney, which Maelgwyn put together and ran. It's a great idea, as it encourages us to work together as teams, and improve our spear prowess for wars, and it's a lot of fun besides. So thank you Maelgwyn for doing the work to make such a good tourney happen.
Artorious, Maelgwyn's young son, asked me if I'd be his partner in the tourney. He has impressed me in the past. He works very well in teams like his father does, and being young and fit, he has the speed and stamina to keep up in a long fight. We ended up discussing strategy together quite a bit, plotting out what our approach would be for each fight. He had some good ideas, and was responsive to commands during the fights. He fought like a lion. He was measured, smart, balanced, and kept his cool. It was a round robin format, so we got to fight against all six other teams there, and only lost to one. Our combined efforts took us to the finals. We faced down Sir Corwin, who's a notorious demon with a spear, and one of his squires named Orion (I'm not sure how he spells it, but folks pronounce it like that, but with the stress on the O). We'd beaten them earlier pretty solidly, but it didn't pan out so well in the finals for us. Anyway, all the fights were great, and it seemed like folks had as good a time as I did.
So between that, some hot wings and ribs in my belly, and a Tenacious D album I picked up at Half Price Books, I'm a happy camper tonight.


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