Quick update

Didn't spend a lot of time in the shop tonight. I welded some straps onto the lid of the forge so I don't inhale quite so much nasty fluff. In the process something red hot flew off the forge frame and embedded itself in my fore arm. I'm either going to have a 2nd degree burn, or a fire salamander laid eggs in my skin. I'll keep you posted on which one it was.
I used Max's bracelet mandrel to round out the chest handles. They just look like they did yesterday, but rounder. I built a hook for getting things out of the forge. It's a bit on the short side, and I finished it conveniently right after finishing up all the round handles which it would have picked up perfectly. I started making the staples to attach the chest handles to the chest and just ran out of muse. It's too not, and I'm too tired to push on.
Master Jovian planted a seed a couple weeks ago that's starting to germinate. We've been talking about doing an immersive medieval experience with music, games, and good ambiance. It's going to be some work, but also a lot of fun. This is the sort of thing I thought the SCA would be all about, but the majority of it falls short a bit. It's all still fun, but it's like a chocolate chip cookie without enough chips. We're shooting for a lot more chips in this cookie, and hopefully other folks will enjoy it.


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