Lance work day

We've been informally putting together a lance- a group of folks who fight together and support each other- really for over a year. A couple weeks ago we finally got together to work on some projects specific to that group. The two things we've needed to tackle are livery and furniture for a for War of Ages and furniture for a musical gathering based around 1400.
Jeanne-Marie only seems to be shy around cameras, but I managed to catch her whizzing through the laundry room while we washed the reams of red fabric she donated to the cause.
Her camera fear proved contagious during our hunt for materials. Barnet used his army training to find good cover behind an oak plank.
Master Jovian worked most of the day on a 6 board chest with Barnet.

This is what the chest/chair looked like before the lid was put on. Jovian made me one too.Jovian doing scary things with a jig saw to make dowel tennons/plugs. I'm amazed he has all his fingers.
I got vaguely obsessed with a settle- a kind of bench with a back that flips from one side to another. We looked a bunch of pictures from our books and on line, and settled on a design that's a bit later than our target, but looks really nice and should be durable and comfortable. Here I am sawing out bits of it in oak.
Over all we got one box done, a lot of wood cut out, a tabard design figured out and the fabric washed. We also demolished some pizzas and hopefully started some momentum on a few projects and a group that will last a long time.


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