The long slog of polishing the arms

Polishing off forge scale, then getting a smooth surface feels like it takes forever.  The forge scale is very tough, and sand paper either clogs with it or is ground down by it within minutes of use, since the spring steel I'm trying to smooth out is extremely hard and tough.
 Ever try to take a picture of your own elbow?  It's surprisingly difficult.
 The harness of on the left is as polished as I could get it with a few hours of work.  The upper vambrace is around the 3 o'clock area, with its dark grey forge scale.  That's the toughest stuff to take off.  The couter below it (most folks still call it an elbow cop) has had the forge scale sanded off but you can still see the scratches the process leaves behind.
What you can't see in a picture is how smooth the articulation is.  They flip open and closed with virtually no effort, and the gaps at the extreme ranges of motion are minute.  With a little more pounding they might become virtually non-existent.  I'm starting to like these arms so much I might have a short sleeve jupon made so I can show them off.  It's a style that was more common a little earlier than most of my harness, but you see it on Bertrand du Guesclin here. 
Bizarre little side note: Bertrand du Guesclin the musical. 


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