Open shop January 2011

More open shop pics and the completion of the steel bits of my arm harness.  I got the second arm polished up.  It could be a little smoother, but I'm pretty happy with it.

 So I started working on a pair of "soup can" knees.  They're an earlier 14th century style like I did here.  This is how they start off as a flat sheet, and below a slightly dished version.
 The dishing is getting deeper.
 I managed to rush both of these and crack them.  You can see light coming through the one below.  This alloy is a pain to weld, so I just trimmed them a bit smaller and resumed the pounding.
 This was taken during the open shop on Friday of me pounding the trimmed version deeper.
 Hands ground the cuffs off his gauntlets and those for his fiancee.  They're well wrought, but unnecessarily heavy.  Nicola and Barnet are polishing in the background.  What you can't see is the cloud of steel filings in the air.  I think I could pick my nose with a magnet even a couple days later.
 Jeanne-Marie learning to planish- which is using a flat faced hammer over a ball stake to pound out small bumps.
 Barnet is pretty stoked about his progress polishing his greaves.  They're coming along quite well.
 Master Jovian was racing around the shop so fast that this is the only picture we got of him, and he's still a blur.
 Nicola showing off the polish on his arms.  In his right hand is the forge scale encrusted version.  In his left is the polished one.  The circles under his goggles are from the steel filings and rouge off the buffing wheel.
Oh, and Caitlyn got a decent picture of me kneeling at crown on Saturday:


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