Dec 3rd open shop

It's been a busy couple weeks without a lot of shop time. A lot of the time in the shop was spent with friends though, so it was fun, and folks have been getting a lot done lately. Here we see Master Jovian working on what's turning into an extremely cool shield boss:

Sir Giotto, in the foreground is grinding out rivets to replace his avantail with one his son made for him. Robert's working on the buffing wheel to polish up the gorget he made last time he was over.

Don Maelgwyn's showing off a knee cop he's planished to a mirror shine here. You can see his reflection on the left, and me with the camera on the right. This piece still hasn't been polished, but I expect it's going to look stunning.

Master Peter (left) and Master Jovian discuss Jovian's shield boss.

Master Peter brought over a great fluting stake which I didn't get a shot of. It should be useful putting the creases in my greaves.


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