Kit planning

Maelgwyn brought up some ideas on planning out a kit in the comments on my last entry which I'd like to be sure folks catch.
Here's a link to his paper on the subject.
This is the set of class notes that Elizabetta, Jovian and I put together for King's College on how to not look like a hobo.
The big theme of both really is to do some research so you can begin with a specific end in mind. If you're recreating something you should get familiar with exactly what you're really recreating rather than just making stuff up. Once you really know what the original stuff looked like you can create things in that style and still look like you stepped out of a tapestry.
This is a good time for two little rants: blue jeans and white athletic socks. I'm still trying to figure out why i still see people practice fighting in blue jeans. Sure it's practice, so it's more casual. I still like to see some effort put in. I wear my ratty surcoat to save the good one from the wear and tear of people trying to club me. But practice is where most folks get hooked on the SCA. You have to capture some essence of what we do even there, and fighting painfully modern stuff just doesn't do that for me. But jeans don't really even make sense as exercises clothes. Would you go jogging in them? If you're fighting me you're probably going to be doing some jogging. Maybe wind sprints if you really scare me. Jeans don't breathe well, and they look like jeans.
I've been seeing folks wear white socks even at events lately, and it just bugs me. Sure there were lots of cultures who wore stockings and hosen which were even frequently white. White athletic socks only look like those from a very great distance. I've got soft office worker skin, so I do sympathize with folks needing to wear socks, but can't you at least make them black so they don't poke me in the eyes with their wrongness?
It's extremely rare to see a noble combatant with their shins or upper arms exposed. When they do they're usually getting executed, in a scene depicting hell, or getting quite thoroughly flogged. Even cheap sweat pants can cover you down to the ankle, and a surcoat that covers down to the elbow isn't too much to ask.


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