Open shop Feb 25th

Maelgwyn made some great progress articulating the thumb on his gauntlet. Jovian got two more splints fired- after a lot of monkeying around and finally strapping them down to a thick steel rod so they wouldn't bend in the forge. I spent a lot of my focus tonight again on Reynard's leg harness. I included a couple pictures to remind me to improve the pattern. For one, when viewed from the point of the knee the cop needs to be less of a diamond shape. The arch should be smooth to get the maximum articulation. I've already changed the lames on this design as they're too wide.

The cuisse needs to have a more square base so it doesn't cause this scissoring action.

Here's Reynard planishing one of the cops:

With the new job I really can't go to Gulf War. I'm kind of bummed about it, but it does let me change my priorities a little. I need to finish my gorget, make some lighter gauntlets, and play more with the greaves. I got a pair of really nice stakes from Halberds (on the Armour Archive) which should help shape these guys.

Oh, and my bagpipes are in customs! I'm not sure if that's German customs or American, since Steffan's English is a bit limited, but he's assured me they'll be here in about two weeks.

The new job has inspired a goofy little spending spree. I got a new CD from a German band called Spectacularatius which I'm listening to now.This guy convinced me to give them a try, and so far I'm quite happy with them. I also picked up the "Wood Bender's Handbook" by Zachary Taylor. No, not the crappy president with the awesome name. It's some other Zachary Taylor. The book looks pretty good. It has lots of pictures of various bending projects like hurdy gurdies, lutes, boats, and furniture. I really wanted it to help make crumhorns and a bardiche out of rattan, so all the other stuff I'd really want to make are just a very fortunate coincidence.

I kegged Maelgywn's cider, which turned out insanely clear and extremely tasty. I had to pick up a bunch of new O rings to make that keg seal properly, and there was something wrong with one of the poppet valves, so I replaced the whole gas post. It was easier than I expected, so I tried swapping out the pin lock posts on one of my old kegs for ball lock fittings. That didn't work so well, and it's still not air tight.


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